Dinner for Three

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and that's a wrap!!
and that's a wrap!!

Is dinner ever simple? One-shot


July 25th, 2010, 10:26 pm



Okay, here's a little story:

This comic actually had a different ending planned, one that was much more light-hearted and hopeful.
It was supposed to end with Hiroyuki and his father eating dinner (some days later). Hiroyuki's father asks the original question ("How was school?") and Hiroyuki is on the verge of saying "Average" but then decides not to when he realizes he should make his own effort to connect to his father. So instead, Hiroyuki tells his father about his day and the father smiles. :) The end.
BUT that's not what happened because I didn't have enough time and it was going to take way too many pages to set up the scene and everything!! Whoops!

Another version of the ending featured Zak but I can't even remember what THAT was about. :S Something like Hiroyuki went to Zak's house again or was it something like Zak called Hiroyuki on the phone?? WE'LL NEVER KNOW.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who read, commented or favourited the comic! It really means everything to me; I feel lucky that I have access to people who will read my comics. It really made me realize that one of the reasons I draw comics is to have people enjoy them. So it sincerely makes me happy when people say "I liked this comic". Thank you because that is MY happiness.

(WOW, hope that didn't sound cheesy.)

See you guys later! :)


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